About Us

What makes DTS different?

Experience and know how!  For over 45 years Larry has been in and around the commercial construction industry and has operated, purchased, pulled, hauled and loaded most every type of heavy equipment you can think of.  In addition, he’s very familiar with small utility trailers, hay trailers as well as stock and horse trailers.  The bottom line is trailers of all sorts have been a part of him nearly all of his life!

Now, behind DeSoto Trailer Sales comes all that experience to match buyers with the trailer that most meets their needs as well as make certain their rig can safely pull it.  So be prepared, because one of the many important questions we ask is the rating of your hitch and receiver.  Just as important as the rating on your truck is the rating of the trailer you want to purchase and the rating of the weight and equipment/payload that you’re wanting to haul.

Most people open that doors of an enclosed cargo trailer and just see a box.  At DeSoto Trailer Sales we explain the different types of construction for that trailer as relates to wall post and floor cross member spacing that is essential to the loading capabilities of the trailer.  We’ll also explain how roofs are a major issue and the most common for water leaks on trailers.  Types and roof material are paramount on a quality trailer and one piece aluminum roofs are the best for longevity of the trailer.

In short, our mission at DeSoto Trailer Sales is to provide you with solid experience and offer the best quality product to confidently and safely meet your needs.  We realize that when buying a trailer, it’s not just for today and we find that most buyers only focus on a single use.   We feel that a trailer is an investment and should be capable of multiple types of use and this will add value in the future when you trade it in on a new one.